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Terms Of Services

General Contract

please read the following content in its entirety. these terms of service act as a binding contract. utilization of services listed on the website means that you understand and adhere to the terms of said contract listed below. thank you!

By utilizing this website I (The Client) do hereby agree as follows:

The Client hereby wishes to hire The Pet Care Provider and The Pet Care Provider agrees to undertake the services under the terms and conditions as written in this Contract. Including the Client's Information Sheet, the Pet Information Sheet all of which are provided and shall become part of the overall Contract. Any reference to pets in this contract shall refer to those specific pets listed on the Pet Information Sheet.


The Pet Care Provider shall notify The Client of any occurrence regarding the pet(s) which may be pertinent to the care and well-being of the pets(s).

The Client shall inform The Pet Care Provider of all information relevant to the duties of The Pet Care Provider.


The Pet Care Provider shall perform the agreed-on services in an attentive, reliable, and caring way. The Client does hereby agree to provide all the necessary information to assist The Pet Care Provider in this performance.


The Pet Care Provider shall supply and also be equipped with waste bags and will promptly remove all dog feces from all public grounds.


The Client will provide suitable collars and leads that are approved by The Pet Care Provider as well as any other materials needed to perform the requested service excluding waste bags, treats, and water. 

The Client will provide all necessary parking permits and parking related fees for The Pet Care Provider.

The Pet Care Provider will not be liable for any damages done to The Clients property by the pet(s) or anyone else whom is granted access to The Clients home during or around time of services. The Client is responsible for any damages done by their pet(s) to The Pet Care Provider's property.

The Pet Care Provider shall not be obligated to perform any other duties except those that are specified in The Client's Information Sheet and Pet Information sheet. Any other duties requested are done at The Clients expense and may be refused by The Pet Care Provider.

Media Clause:

The Client grants permission to The Pet Care Provider to use the photographs or electronic media images taken during services provided in any presentation of any and all kind whatsoever. I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time by notifying The Pet Care Provider in writing. The revocation will not affect any actions taken before the receipt of this written notification. Images will be stored in a secure location and only The Pet Care Provider will have access to them. They will be kept as long as they are relevant and after that time destroyed or archived.


The Pet Care Provider shall be paid the agreed upon amount up front otherwise The Pet Care Provider holds the right to refuse services. A $50 non-refundable deposit may be charged at the time of booking for all boarding and house sitting services, failure to pay deposit may result in cancellation of services. All other payments are due upfront or at time of service. In the case of cancellation, payments are nonrefundable 24 hours prior to services except for instances in which The Pet Care Provider cancels. 

Subscription Payment:

The client hereby agrees to pay all weekly invoices and weekly payments by the 3rd day of each week and non subscription monthly invoices and payments by the 3rd day of the month unless otherwise agreed upon. The Client understands that lack of payment can result in the following actions including but not limited to: refusal of service, loss of any discounts/loyalty points, removal from membership programs. 


The Pet Care Provider is an independent contractor with respect to this Contract and is not an employee of The Client and The Client will not provide any fringe benefits, such as health insurance and paid vacation for the benefit of The Pet Care Provider.


Home Access:

The Pet Care Provider hereby warrants to keep safe and confidential all The Client's keys, remote control entry devices, access codes and any other personal information of The Client and to return all items to The Client at the end of the contract period or immediately upon request by The Client. The Pet Care Provider hereby accepts no liability for any breach of security or loss of, or damage to The Client's property if any other person is given access to the property during the time of service. The Pet Care Provider is released from all liability that is related to any transporting the dog(s) to and from any veterinary facility for any necessary medical treatment and incurred medical expenses. The Pet Care Provider is released from all liability of injury to the Pet(s) caused by other dog(s) or animal(s) that are not under the control of The Pet Care Provider.


If the pet(s) has unsupervised access to the outdoors at The Clients home, The Pet Care Provider shall not be liable for any mishap of any nature regarding the pet(s) outside of scheduled time with The Pet Care Provider.

Under most circumstances The Client shall be held liable for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to The Pet Care Provider caused by the pet(s) as well as damage to The Owner's and/or The Pet Care Provider's property. This Contract may be terminated by either party submitting a written notice to the other party or may immediately be terminated under the following circumstances, if there is a failure to make a required payment when due, in the event of bankruptcy by either party or the failure to make available or deliver services in the time and manner as described in this Contract.

Website membership will be terminated after a 12 month period of inactivity. At which point any home access such as keys, fobs, access codes, and garage door openers will be returned to The Client or discarded. 


Any notice that is issued under this Contract by either The Client or The Pet Care Provider may be delivered in writing or by United States postal mail service, registered or certified with the postage prepaid and a return receipt requested. All mailed correspondence shall use the addresses listed in the contact sheet for each party of this contract.


If one or more of the provisions of this Contract are to be found invalid for any reason that shall not affect any other provision of The Contract. The Contract will then exist as if that provision never existed. This Contract hereby supersedes any other prior understanding, written or oral agreement between the parties listed above regarding the subject matter of this Contract. This Contract contains the entire agreement between The Client and The Pet Care Provider and no oral representations or modifications shall be put into force except by a written amendment that is agreed to by both parties. If any legal action is brought to enforce or interpret this Contract, the prevailing party will be given reasonable attorney's fees by the other party in addition to any additional relief the other party may be entitled to.

The Pet Care Provider will remain bonded, insured, and pet CPR certified. 


Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Kentucky in Fayette County and any applicable Federal Law.

Dog Walks

-Please make sure all entry devices are in working order prior to your appointment

- please contact us directly to schedule dog walks on observed holidays

Drop In Visits

-Please see services page for any additional information about this service.


-Boarding is avalible upon request for emergencies only

-Please show up at the agreed upon time

-Do not switch pet(s) food prior to boarding

-failure to show may result in a cancelation fee of $50 and/or refusal of future services

Meet and Greets

-Meet and Greets are required for all new clients and required for first time boarding clients

House Sitting

-The Pet Care Provider may arrive/leave within a 3 hour time block to the scheduled start/end time. (ex: scheduled arrival is 9AM, arrival is between 8AM-10:59AM )


Obedience/Leash Training

-This service is only offered to existing dog walking clientele 

booking specifications 

Please contact us directly via text or email to book during observed holidays. Holidays are subject to a $15 fee per day.

Observed holidays are as listed:

  • New Year’s Day

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 

  • March 6th

  • Memorial Day

  • Juneteenth

  • Labor Day 

  • Veterans Day

  • Thanksgiving Day 

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • New Years Eve


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