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Welcome to PetIV! PetIV is eco conscious pet care that promotes animal safety and the protection of our environment. Combining ideas from sustainable living with animal welfare, PetIV is committed to reducing our  environmental foot-print and making sure your pet is happy, healthy, and safe! From pet toy selections to proper waste disposal, we are here to help! 

We provide a broad variety of services to support you and your pet in everyday life. Check out our Services page for more information!

All About Me

Hi! My name is Mary Morton, I am a Lexington KY native, proud  pet parent, and environmentalist.  Growing up on the north side of Lexington presented many challenges. One of which being animal welfare and safety. I have been passionate about animals my whole life and have witnessed countless acts of animal cruelty (mostly unintentional) happen to pets and wildlife alike. From a young age, I have advocated for all animals by educating and training others on the proper care of pets, the importance of all living creatures to the eco system, and ways to co-exist or relocate unwanted wildlife without harming them. 

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